Welcome to our Department !

Department Staff: 2 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 7 Assistant Professors, 2 Senior Laboratory Technicians, 1 PhD Student.

Subjects and Courses of Study:

  • For the 4th year: “Surgery”, “Urology”;

  • For the 5th year - “Surgery, pediatric surgery” (“Surgery” section);

  • For the 6th year: “Surgery with pediatric surgery and oncology” (section “Surgery” and “Minimally invasive surgery”).

Elective courses for Ukrainians and foreigners:

  • For the 4th year: "Current issues of endoscopy";

  • For the 6th year: "Minimally invasive urology", "Andrology".

  • For the 6th year: "Surgery, including pediatric surgery in general practice", "Surgery, pediatric surgery", "Abdominal surgery", "Cardiovascular surgery", "Thoracic and endocrine surgery", "Newest surgical technologies", "Surgery and developmental disabilities in children".

Way of Learning:

full-time study.

The students of the following academic units study at the department:

  • Faculty of Medicine;

  • International Students' Faculty.

The students study in the following specialties:

  • Medicine.